Ministry of Health and Prevention holds third workshop on unified patient record database

Dubai, UAE, May 27, 2017- The Ministry of Health and Prevention hosted the third workshop on unified patient record database, in the presence of coordinating committee members from concerned health authorities and government bodies such as Abu Dhabi Health Authority, Dubai Health Authority, Dubai Healthcare City, Emirates Identity Authority, and Purehealth.

H.E. Awad Saghir Al Ketbi, Assistant Undersecretary for the Support Services Sector, led the opening of the workshop to emphasize the importance of the unified database project. H.E. said that coordination and integrated support from all concerned parties are the key to achieving the goals of the National Agenda aimed at building a comprehensive health system, developing related technology, and adopting best practices and world-class administrative systems. The initiative is also in alignment with the Ministry’s strategy to improve the quality of its work systems, enhance health facilities, and ensure easy access to healthcare services according to international standards.

The workshop focused on the latest developments, implementing mechanisms, and the advantages of cooperation between local and federal bodies in building an integrated system, in addition, the team discussed the business services of the project and how resources and efforts can be shared which will benefit the federal government as well as the local authorities.

Ali Juma Al Ajmi, Director of the Ministry’s Information Technology Department, said that the unified patient database project seeks to provide contemporary patient care, save time and expenses, improve local healthcare, enhance patient participation, and maintain privacy according to the highest international standards. The will be implemented over the next four years by 2021 to cover all the healthcare facilities in the UAE.

Mubaraka Ibrahim Mubarak, Director of the Ministry’s Department of Health Information Systems, confirmed that the project is a digital health platform designed to avoid medical errors, which improves the clinical programs and its results, and facilitate research and performance development programs. The initiative also underlines the importance of health data to assess performance, automate the healthcare system, and share digital health information.

Purehealth said that the first phase of the ‘Unified Medical Record’ project has four main features. These are the health information exchange platform to improve efficiency and reduce human errors; management of resources and claims in terms of expenses and insurance claims; an integrated system for the registration and management of the population’s immunization record to reduce the risk of infectious diseases; and the expansion of electronic medical cloud computing record to build a sustainable and integrated health system and achieve patient safety and quality healthcare.
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