Digital Terminal Announces ‘Beyond The Lockdown’ Webinar Series to support Tech Partners in India

Digital Terminal Beyond the Lockdown Webinar Series
Beyond the Lockdown Webinar Series
New Delhi, India, May 26, 2020- To assist the technology partners in bringing their trade back on track, Digital Terminal, a leading tech news platform, recently announced ‘Beyond The Lockdown’ Webinar Series. This webinar series aims to provide all resources for entire channel partners in preparing themselves for suitable business roadmap and the way forward in post lockdown era.
The world has completely changed in last few months due to impact of COVID-19. We all are suffering huge losses since last two months in our related businesses due to lockdown imposed across the country. Channel partners are clueless about how to restart the business as lockdown has been partially eased and businesses are allowed with strict guidelines from 18th May.
The agenda for first series of webinar was How to Prepare ourselves for Post Lockdown Business Continuity? To give required advice and insight about market opportunities, Khalid Wani, Director Channel Sales, WDC India, Sanjiv Krishen, Chairman & Founder, Iris Computers and Vinay Shetty, Regional Director – CPN Business, India & South Asia, ASUS joined the virtual stage as distinguished speakers. The entire discussion was moderated by Rajeev Ranjan, Editor, Digital Terminal. The first series of DT Beyond the Lockdown was successfully organised on 21st May 2020 which got huge response from the entire industry. More than 300 channel partners watched this webinar on DT’s live platform whereas on Facebook we reached more than 2200 people.
Khalid Wani, Director, Channel Sales, WDC India, motivated and advised channel partners to focus on upcoming opportunities during the discussion on this webinar platform. He said, “ Content is created like never before, today. I strongly believe, as Western Digital, we have a very crucial role to play here. I would strongly encourage the channel partners to look at areas that will continue to grow, such as the need for backup from work from the home perspective and in general too. Gaming is growing at an unprecedented rate, so this another area of opportunity for our partners and us. Having the industry-specific focus by channel partners will help them grow their businesses while identifying the right products that fit in those industry segments will also be critical.”
Sanjiv Krishen, Chairman, Iris Computers asked partners to add new emerging verticals in their portfolio to compensate the revenue losses. He said, “We are now focusing on healthcare products because that seems to be the need of the hour. These are all opportunities which are there currently. Also, the demand for laptops has increased manifolds during last 2 months. The opportunities will gradually increase as more and more people will go for work from home. The opportunities for work from home devices will increase and partners can excel in this area. Our partners can look into these emerging areas and expand their business because it will help them to compensate the revenue losses that have happened during the lockdown.”
Whereas Vinay Shetty, Regional Director-CPN Business, India and South Asia, ASUS advised partners to stay positive, connect and learn. During the discussion he said, “This is the best time to connect, learn and get more inputs about how the world is changing, how the green zones should operate or how the orange zones should operate. We should use the current time to learn things rather than dwelling on the negativity because no good can come out of it. Partners should analyse by themselves - Are we selling right products or are we targeting the right customers? These are the things the channel should focus on to do well in the coming days. As a brand, we would be very happy to connect with partners and reach out to them for any kind of support.”
Expressing pleasure over huge response during the first series of webinar, Jyoti Janda, Executive Editor, said, “It was a very successful webinar session and it received overwhelming response from the entire channel community. DT is leveraging the digital tools to connect and help the partners in this difficult time by addressing the right issues. We will continue to engage with channel partners very frequently and will empower them through best resources in this difficult time.”  
The 2nd series of DT Beyond The Lockdown Webinar is on 28th May to discuss What will be Major Buying trends Among Consumers Post Lockdown? To know more about the upcoming webinar on DT please visit and to watch the entire discussion of webinar series -1 check out this video-
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