Finolutions Wealthcare LLP ties up with Australian family business advisors FINH

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Mumbai, India, May 26, 2020- Finolutions Wealthcare LLP, a business consulting firm for wealth managers has announced its partnership today with Australian family business advisors FINH to provide strategic advisory support for their endeavour in India. Finolutions is a business consulting firm aspiring to be a single point reference for wealth managers & investment advisors in India. It enables sound investment product & services related decisions by providing cutting-edge research backed solutions. FINH are expert advisers to Family Businesses across the Asia Pacific Region with offices in Brisbane and Singapore and consulting advisors / representatives across the Asia Pacific. It mainly helps families in businesses to structure their succession and governance that maintains and develops the impact of the family leadership.

The partnership between both the companies seeks to broaden and strengthen an existing suite of services across the Indian Network and shorten the time to market for a world leading consultant to Indian business families. 

Commenting on the partnership Apoorva Vora, Founder & CEO of Finolutions Wealthcare LLP said “the union of the two companies in India will strengthen and retain the relationship between all stakeholders.  It will demonstrate an ability to proactively serve an end client need whilst maintaining complete independence.” Finh will work independent of the family’s financial capital management, acting for the family, and alongside family’s trusted financial advisors.

FINH seeks to reach out to those families in India who have the intention of developing and then passing wealth/business to the next generation. This will include families with a Net Wealth of approximately USD 50 – 150 million and above. However, considering the characteristics of the Indian family owned businesses, they may be flexible on the business sizes, if required. 

Usually families with a history and/or existing business interests need a lot of handholding in a smooth transitioning from one generation to the other. Today, the transition not only looks at handing over the businesses from one generation to the other but also a lot of adoption culturally. All this calls for well-crafted strategies in which FINH has a global experience.

Speaking about the partnership, David Harland at FINH said “Our job at FINH is to ensure a smooth transition in the Family from one generation to the next, developing family leaders, and building family platforms for future decision making. While we also specialise in transitioning the ownership from operators to stewards, we also assist in developing culture for businesses to go from local to global,”. 

With no significant presence in India as of now, FINH is developing their base in the cities like Mumbai and Bengaluru.  These will be centred around key local expertise working collaboratively with FINH. These local persons are totally independent Family Business Advisers without past or present connection to the wealth management industry and this is where Finolutions will fill in the space for wealth management advisory.
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