About PressReleaseDiary.Com

PressReleaseDiary.Com is an online press release submission platform. It caters to all those who want to get their press releases published and read by audiences who are from all over the world. This platform is going to help companies, PR agencies, Content marketing agencies, advertising agencies, and others who want to get their press releases published, that too without any fee. 

We have our readers from all over the world with minimum time spending per visitor is 4-5 minutes. We accept press releases from anywhere in the world on any topics. However, same press release will not be published twice.  

We have experienced editorial team members who are well versed about press releases. However, if any individual, company, advertising agency, or PR agency wants to get professional help in preparing impactful press releases, we could be surely be contacted. To avail fee based professional services, you need to send us an email by clearly mentioning about your requirements. 

Once we receive a press release, our experienced editorial team closely looks into it and upon their approval, we publish the press release. We have daily 30,000 to 35,000 visitors to the website. If you are looking for publishing SEO press releases our site could be one of the best places to put your press releases.

We normally publish your press releases within 24-48 Hours after receiving. However, in rare cases it might take longer time. 
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